Photo Gallery: our new Washington home

When we decided to move away from Raleigh late last year, it was because we’d been away too long and it wasn’t the same place we remembered from ten years ago. Now there was more construction, congestion, and the pace of life seemed more frantic.

We needed a bit more of a relaxed pace, interesting things to do close-at-hand, a strong arts scene, and a vibrant community that would allow two road warriors to settle down.

We had just been to Prince Edward Island (Canada) for our summer vacation. PEI was nice, people were friendly, and the waters of the St Lawrence were close by. That seemed like a pretty good option until we remembered that part of the year gets pretty chilly. Brrrr…

But it had sold us on being near the water.

So we tried Oriental: it’s a nice sailing town, we could bike anywhere we wanted, and the sound was right there. But then when Florence came, the water was RIGHT there at people’s doorsteps. So maybe not.

Then we looked at Washington. There were lots of places far enough away from the water yet still close enough for an easy ride down to the waterfront. There was a state park nearby, lots of friendly people, a burgeoning local art scene, restaurants… we were sold!

We searched, bought, and moved in pretty quickly. The trucks were unloaded at our new home on New Year’s Eve and returned to the renter by 2 am New Year’s Day. We were now well and truly Washingtonians (NC, thank you very much…).

As a former pro photographer, the opportunity for great pictures in and around Washington was another consideration in moving here. Even during the first three months of the year, Washington didn’t disappoint and here are a few samples of what we saw:

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