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Series: My Racing Life

Memories of… a curb

Playing with the big boys

Our home in Washington, NC


Scotland’s Southern Hebrides

This was a trip to say goodbye to my Dad. Over the years, he had taken numerous trips back to Scotland and...

Motorsport Photography

Dad and his camera

In 1970, I was a fourteen-year-old who’d just been bitten by the car racing bug. When...

Racing car photography – lessons from Heath

"Whatever you do in life, it's important to have a brand.  You've got to give people a...

Discovering the Daytona 24

Wedding Photography

Francesca and Ross

Kerrie and Patrick

Michelle and Zack

Indie Film and Video

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Website design

I periodically design websites for select clients. Check out these samples. If you like what you see and have a project in mind, contact me or click the Book Now button to book me for a project.

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Writing and publishing

Writers descend on Washington for conference

Event: Pamlico Writers' ConferenceWhen: April 5 & 6Where: Turnage Theater, 150 West Main Street, Washington, NC

All orchid trails lead to Morrisville

Story and photographs by Derek Cadzow. Printed in the September/October, 2006, issue of Cary Magazine....

Cary nightclub is the only show in town

Story by Derek Cadzow; photographs by Derek Cadzow and Renée Cadzow. Printed in the March/April,...

Setting turtles free

Story and photographs by Derek Cadzow. Printed in the September/October, 2005, issue of Cary Magazine....