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Old movie rekindles spirit of Christmas past

For those of you who are my age, do you ever feel that life is passing you by? I've felt that; life just...



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Racing - my first passion

Chapter 1: The road to racing

I have a ton of photographs from karting days in the '70s and early '80s. Recently, I put some of them up on...

It’s just a soap box — what could possibly go wrong?

As racers know, racing is racing.  Back when racing contracts used to allow it, drivers would compete in more than one series at a time. ...

A passion for racing little electric projectiles

One of a series of posts about the racing antics we got up to before arriving in competitive karting. Check the overview for...

Indie film and video

Cadzow - an ancient family of Scotland

Writing and publishing

Our life in Washington NC

Web Design work

Website refresh for award-winning photographer

When I was in the photography business, we were advised to refresh our website every six months to keep our image fresh and current....

Enjoying a car show during Covid shutdown creates imaginative, engaging websites like this car show site for select clients. This series highlights some of those sites and tells you...

The Textile Artisan creates imaginative, engaging websites for select clients. This series highlights some of those sites and tells you the story behind each of them....

Wedding Photography