Michelle and Zack

Derek is great to work with. He helped make a perfect package to meet our needs and worked within our budget while still giving us amazing quality. You can tell he loves what he does and his results show it as well!
— Michelle and Zach Bridgewater, 6/11/2011

The years have just flashed by since I met with Michelle and Zack for their outdoor wedding at the picturesque Villa Antonio Winery in Hillsboro, Missouri.

Wedding photography is always best when the weather is clear and everyone was being hopeful as, that year, it seemed every weekend had a rainy forecast. Thankfully a beautiful day dawned and, even though Villa Antonio had a tent ready in case of rain, I think everyone was just as happy with a dry, sunny day.

Happy things I remember from that day:  Michelle’s Dad was the father-of-the-bride AND the officiant.  He walked her down the aisle to give her away and then quickly did a 180 to become the officiant!  I know he was having a teary moment at least once during the ceremony. 🙂

The cake cutting was a SMASHING success!

I also recall the cake cutting. If you’ve looked at the pictures already you’ll know what I mean.  Let’s just say the bride AND the groom got to taste most of the icing on the cake before anyone else got a chance AND they were still smiling and speaking to each other afterwards!

Dad also tried his hand at being the entertainment!  Near the end of the reception, he and his guitar got up and rocked it out with the band.  He was really good and I know it was a special moment for Michelle and Zack.

Now four years later they have a little boy, Carter, and you know that the love in this family is going to last forever.

And finally, a personal memory:  any time I’ve photographed a wedding at Villa Antonio Winery, Donna has never let me go home without a bottle of white.  Gotta love those wedding vendors that take care of each other.  🙂

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