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Business: Artist, with original art and prints for display and for sale online.
Purpose: The site introduces Jackie and her outstanding art to potential customers. They can learn about Jackie and her art philosophy and techniques, and peruse and buy from her catalog of art. In this instance, we used her blog post to present a video of her latest art show, which was closed to the public due to the pandemic. With the video, art lovers could virtually walk through the show and listen to Jackie describe her art.

Thanks to the pandemic, everyone’s had to cancel plans for one thing or another: for travel, work, business and lots of other things.

The Textile Artisan, Jackie Weatherly-Cadzow, is no exception as her art show plans sputtered to a halt when the state shutdown the North Carolina Estuarium a number of weeks ago.

Her disappointment was palpable. The show was open for just two weeks before the doors closed. The planned two-month show didn’t happen. The meet-the-artist reception didn’t happen.

Planning a show and creating all the art for such an exhibit is a lot of work. She wasn’t keen to let it slide completely so she decided that if people couldn’t come to the show, she’d bring the show to them — a virtual art show!

The idea was to use video to walk art-lovers through the art show as if they were there, and to meet the artist as if they were at the reception.

The video gives you a quick introduction to the North Carolina Estuarium and walks you through Jackie’s art show while she answers questions about it all. She and the Estuarium’s educational specialist Russ did a great job in front of the camera and she’s received a lot of good feedback about the show since the video was posted. creates imaginative, engaging websites for select clients. This series highlights some of those sites and tells you the story behind each of them. Got a project in mind? Please let us know about it from the contact page.

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