Texas high school football excitement!

Website: TheOldCoach.com
Business: Texas High School sports news, specializing in football
Purpose: Spread Texas high school sports news, primarily football, and create competition excitement .

Carl “the coach” Bailey, who worked with us on his actor’s site and a site for a new movie, College Bound, recently he asked for our help in upgrading TheOldCoach.com.

TheOldCoach.com is a media site that has been around since 1998, providing news about Texas high-school sports with a particular focus on football. It has become the second largest online provider of high school sports information in Texas and it was time for some modernization.

As a primarily news-focused site, we decided on a blog-based news magazine theme with the capability of presenting articles, photographs, videos, replicating tweets with the video feed, and a paywall for premium content.

The site allows posts to be organized based on the categories set for each post. This means that simply tagging the post with the appropriate category (or categories) directs it to show up on the correct page (or pages), greatly simplifying the addition of new material.

Pages that show content for a category such as Football are automatically populated with new football-related content based on the category assigned to each post. Simple to update!

Several college student contributors churn out the content and it’s important that they are able to update the site themselves since it would be too restricting and expensive to have a web company constantly doing the updates. With WordPress, contributors can have their own accounts and post directly to the site. Then, all the editors have to do is review the contribution and take it live.

WordPress allowed us to create the site quickly and get it up and running. Since it went live on April 1, the site attracts heavy traffic and the staff are posting more and more content is added every day.

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