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Oscar’s new connection

Wow... this film business stuff is pretty neat. Evie Warner, the director of our Indie film, Awakening, could not...

Video: 12 Hours of Sebring

While I'm not great at doing video yet, it's fun to try. Especially when the subject is one of your favorites...

FilmSpeak TV appearance

I appear at the 13 minute mark and then again at 33:34. Making...

There’s more than one way to debut a film

"Necessity is the mother of invention," they say. Or perhaps they should say poverty instead of...

It’s a small zombie world

I ended up working yesterday with Burnmill Productions and some friends on a day of shooting for a short film about zombies. You...

Awakening: bloopers and fun

When you're on the set of Awakening with actors and crew and you've been filming some pretty intense action scenes -- well,...

1982 karts at Quyon

Yes, believe it or not, this is a silent film!  This race is at the kart track in Quyon, Quebec, about 1981-1982.