Photo gallery: Vintage cars on Vancouver Island

My good friend David left his corporate job many years ago and took up car appraising in British Columbia, Canada, with Oceanside Appraisers. He regularly teases me with pictures of the pristine old cars he gets to see and work with.

He often visits collector car shows to hob-nob with owners and let them know that antique and historic cars are his specialty.

And so it was that on my summer-of-2018 visit that we went to a Mopar car meeting (Mopar being the name that refers to Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth) with literally hundreds of old cars in pristine or next-to-pristine condition.

It was a feast for my eyes and, while David got acquainted with all the owners, I got to run around with my camera trying to be creative. The only way it could be any more heavenly would have been if it were a Ferrari owners meeting…

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