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[icon_box title=”What I’m doing now” icon=”fa-github-alt” el_position=”first”]My latest venture is as a Content Strategist for Red Hat, the world’s leading open-source company.  I’m also a PMI-certified project manager with years of successful experience delivering technical, training, and creative projects on time and on budget.[/icon_box][icon_box title=”Award-winning photography” icon=”fa-camera-retro”]Before Red Hat, I was a photographer for a number of years, doing weddings and racing cars (quite a combination… don’t you think?).  Check out my gallery on ViewBug and check back here soon — there will be new portfolios of some of my work.[/icon_box][icon_box title=”Constructing WordPress websites” icon=”fa-wordpress”]Another example of open-source software is WordPress, the website-building platform and  nowadays it’s all about the mobile.  Check out the responsive websites I’ve built for people economically and quickly in the web design part of my portfolio.[/icon_box][icon_box title=”Video and video editing” icon=”fa-video-camera”]Who wouldn’t like to be in on the making of a motion picture?  It’s tons of fun!  I’ve only been part of one major production, but here’s a case study of our film project in the video section of  the portfolio and a few other video samples I’ve toyed with in the video-related posts in the blog.[/icon_box][icon_box title=”Racing days!” icon=”fa-road”]Car racing has been in my blood since age 14 when my close friend David pulled out his Scalextric racing set.  I love all forms or car racing and even spent six fabulous years of wheel-to-wheel kart racing on racetracks in eastern Canada including several International-level races, and a stint at the Jim Russell Racing School in a Formula Ford.  Nowadays, racing fun is confined to using a camera — I’m retiring my racingcarphotos.com site and will have a racing car portfolio up here shortly.[/icon_box][icon_box title=”Genealogy” icon=”fa-users”]I first got interested in family history when I started to near the age that I remembered my grandparents to be when I was young.  As well as researching family history, I also looked into the CADZOW name, which is not overly common.   All the findings are here on cadzowhistory.org.[/icon_box]
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