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Photo Gallery: our new Washington home

Story and photographs by Derek Cadzow When we decided to move away from Raleigh late last year, it was because we'd been away too long...

Photo gallery: Old cars and old men

Story and photographs by Derek Cadzow © My good friend David left his corporate job many years ago and took up car appraising in British...

Paddling the Black River

Its been ten long years. The last time I went paddling in any kind of boat was in 2006 when I last lived in Raleigh....
A cactus in Scottsdale Arizona.

A walk with the Sampsons: Scottsdale, Arizona

I've known David since 1969. I can still remember being introduced to him by Don Rowe in the schoolyard during the end-of-day melee...

Daryn, Kalen, and Gracen

Just look at these cute little faces and tell me you didn't fall in love with them..!! Daryn, Kalen, and Gracen are three lovable young...

It’s all about taste

It's funny, you never know what people are going to like. As a photographer, you know what you like and what makes a good photograph...
Vancouver Island rain forest and coastline

A walk with the Sampsons: Vancouver Island’s rain forest and coastline

This was the first time I'd visited with best friends David and Connie since 2010. A work conference in Vancouver with my employer...

Photo gallery: Missouri botanical gardens

The Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis was a favorite place for couples just engaged to have their photo taken. Founded in 1859...