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Cadzow: a short history

The Cadzow family is one of the most ancient names of Scotland and Europe. Cadzow comes from the Gaelic word 'Cadihou', a name that literally means 'beautiful castle' in...

The first Cadzow record

The armorial insignia of the city of Glasgow contains the earliest reference to Cadzow that we have found so far.  The elements of the insignia tell of the legends surrounding...

The coming of the Hamiltons

"What of the Cadzow family? Seven centuries separates them from their disastrous choice of the losing side."By Ian Hamilton, Q.C.Reprinted with permissions from the Scottish Banner, July, 1996.  Near the...

Finding the ‘lost’ village of Cadzow

(From the BBC (March 10, 2016) and Transport Scotland sources) Motorway construction workers have unearthed archaeological artifacts that experts believe may be from a lost medieval Scots village. The crew made the...

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