A cactus in Scottsdale Arizona.

A walk with the Sampsons:
Scottsdale, Arizona

While I was on my way to the 2010 Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference in Las Vegas, I met up with best friends David and Connie in Scottsdale, Arizona, and took an afternoon walk through the city. Since I always (well, mostly always) have a camera with me, I took a few snaps:

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I’ve known David since 1969. I can still remember being introduced to him by Don Rowe in the schoolyard during the end-of-day melee while waiting for the high school bus. David was the owner of the Golden Beetle whose stories are told some of my other posts

David only lived in Ottawa for four years before he and his family moved out west to Alberta, about 2100 miles away. But in that small space of four years, we had developed a lifelong friendship that persists to this day. His leaving was a difficult.

We’ve managed to visit with one another off and on through the decades. We both agree that it’s one of those friendships that, even after a long separation, allows you to continue as if you had never been apart. Those relationships are one of life’s true treasures.

Connie came along in 1986 and we’ve all been good friends ever since.

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