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Thanks to the pandemic, everyone’s had to cancel plans for one thing or another: for travel, work, business and lots of other things.

The Textile Artisan, Jackie Weatherly-Cadzow, is no exception as her art show plans sputtered to a halt when the state shutdown the North Carolina Estuarium a number of weeks ago.

Her disappointment was palpable. The show was open for just two weeks before the doors closed. The planned two-month show didn’t happen. The meet-the-artist reception didn’t happen.

Planning a show and creating all the art for such an exhibit is a lot of work. She wasn’t keen to let it slide completely so she decided that if people couldn’t come to the show, she’d bring the show to them — a virtual art show!

The idea was to use video to walk art-lovers through the art show as if they were there, and to meet the artist as if they were at the reception.

The video gives you a quick introduction to the North Carolina Estuarium and walks you through Jackie’s art show while she answers questions about it all. She and the Estuarium’s educational specialist Russ did a great job in front of the camera and she’s received a lot of good feedback about the show since the video was posted.

Video post:

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