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Business: home security system specialists
Purpose: a place for potential customers to get information about HAVEalarms, about home security, and the types of security equipment they have available.

Starting a new company is frantic enough; the last thing you need is headaches with your new website.

That’s why the first thing I did with Mark and Laurie Norman was map out their site requirements and their schedule so they could be up and running as quickly as possible. Their new company, H.A.V.E. Alarms, Inc. (H.A.V.E. = Home Automation, Video, Excellence), needed a new and unique website to tell their story: how they help protect homes with security alarms, home automation, and video security.

Home security has come a long way since I protected my first home many years ago.  Nowadays, you can use your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to control everything in your home from wherever you are. That includes the security system, lighting, door locks, HVAC, security video cams — even your garage door! 

But with this newfound sophistication comes technological complexity. Many home security websites end up being a technology index of the latest gadgets, complete with an indecipherable technological description. 

The new site had to explain all the exciting things you can do with modern home security gadgets in a simple and understandable way so that people could see how H.A.V.E. Alarm systems would contribute to their peace of mind and security.

Clearly, an alarm company needs to convey a message of experience, reliability, and technical expertise to prospective customers. 

But we needed to ensure that the site spoke clearly to people’s needs for security and peace of mind. The way to do that is to talk about what the technology will do for users rather than the details of the technology itself. Once they appreciate it’s benefits, then you can tell them about the equipment.

As part of a larger industry, H.A.V.E Alarms Inc. has access to online media from their suppliers. With their permission, we used their best and most clearly informative media on our website to help meet our requirement of informing users in a simple, yet meaningful, way. 

The site we designed includes news items about protecting your property, videos that explain the modern “automated home”, a benefits-focused index of home automation hardware, an introduction to the team, and a way of contacting the company.  When new blog/news entries are posted, the site automatically posts them to the company’s social media sites, making maximum use of new content and to encourage people to come to the site. 

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