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My first wedding shoot: Jody and Chuck


Chuck is one of the hard-working public relations consultants at Cherokee Publishing, which produces Cary Magazine in North Carolina. I got to know Chuck while shooting for David Sciabarasi at the magazine and he invited me along to help out at Chuck’s wedding — my very first wedding shoot!

Jody and Chuck made a delightful couple and they and their friends partied hard after the very traditional church wedding in downtown Raleigh.

Being a second photographer is such a treat because you’re free to watch the crowd and shoot candid photos while the primary photographer has to worry about getting all the right formals and portraits.  And fortunately David did worry about that and got all the important shots because I, shooting a wedding for the first time, forgot to adjust my ISO and shot the whole thing at 6400 ISO…

The pics themselves were good, but the ISO mistake prevented them from being printed too large…   It was a live-and-learn moment and a mistake I’d never repeat.

David was great, showing me some of his tricks learned during 20-odd years in the business! Here’s some glimpses of a fun evening with the happy couple!

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