Display your images

Digital images on your computer screen or Apple TV are great, but our images look their very best printed on lab-quality paper, or on a custom-designed album, or on tailored wall art.

When they’re printed, you can immediately share these with family and friends and even take them into work to show your colleagues.  And, properly treated, they will last a lifetime and even beyond for future generations in your family.

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DVDs and digital images

DVD setI used to deliver all our digital images on finely crafted DVDs in a elegant and convenient package.

The truth is that, since then, the industry has admitted that DVDs don’t last as long as we once thought they did.  Imagine looking forward to reminiscing over your wedding pictures and finding that your DVD has decided to corrupt all the files on the disk…  not a pleasant prospect.

Nowadays, we deliver digital images on a flash drive.  Although not as sexy as a nice DVD package, they are better suited to withstand the test of time and are also easier to back up your files from.

That’s right, I said back them up.  You’ll get instructions with your flash drive on how to back up your wedding pictures so there’s minimal chance of anything happening to them.  But, just remember that technology is fallible and people are even more fallible.  So consider making prints or album copies of your favorite images.

Grandma’s paper photographs lasted a long time, didn’t they…?